Build a DIY IR Remote Controlled Arduino Lego Car

Build a DIY IR Remote Controlled Arduino Lego Car

Arduino Car

Build a DIY IR Remote Controlled Arduino Lego Car

Who has never dreamed of an Auto RC or better yet build one?With an old Lego set found in my junk, I've been trying, in recent days, to create a small RC car controlled by a IR remote control.The result will not be the the best performance because the remote control is not a good solution for long distances, as reception can be disturbed may not respond properly to commands.

What do we need?


Arduino + Servo Motor + Stepper Motor + IR Receiver


Let's connect all the modules to the Arduino in the following way:

  •  Servo Vcc  ---  Arduino 5V 
  • Servo GND ---  Arduino GND 
  • Servo Data  ---  Arduino D5
  • Stepper Driver Vcc  ---  Arduino 5V  
  • Stepper Driver GND --- Arduino GND 
  • Stepper Driver IN1 ---  Arduino D8
  • Stepper Driver IN2 ---  Arduino D9
  • Stepper Driver IN3 ---  Arduino D10
  • Stepper Driver IN4 ---  Arduino D11
  • IR Reciver Vcc  ---  Arduino 5V 
  • IR Receiver GND --- Arduino GND
  • IR Receiver Data --- Arduino D6

Arduino + Servo Motor + Stepper Motor + IR Receiver wiring

The Source

Eccolo in funzione


The code is relatively straightforward, there are not many features but you could connect a Bluetooth HC5 module and then direct it from your cell phone, is really easy, there are a lot of apps in the Google Play Store for Android that help you create profiles or send simple commands to Your car.

PLEASE give credit to this project as i took couple of days to build it!!I hope you enjoyed it and that it was useful, leave a comment if you have a question! 

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